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Trilogy in beauty;;

droge velden voor olijvenThese trees grows slowly, the sap is being extyracted from an incredibly dry soil towards the fruit. The olive lets us taste this process - nothing copmpares to this fruit.

olive oil in the kitchenDue to the extreme dry climate, the fruit contains a lot of oil (that does not evaportae as water does) and thus provides us with one of beauties for our kitchen ... and our health.

Tough trees - but not all of them!

young plantoh yes! ... all of them ARE tough; but not al resist a colder or more humid climate like ours.
Lasting humidity will provoke moists and fungae and bring insects again which the trees do not have natural defenses.
Frost will cristalize water in the tree and so puncture the cels within the bast.
The variaty ‘PICUAL’ also named ‘PICÚA, NEVADO of TEMPRANA’ is one of the most resistant varietis of olive tree. Be aware of this while maling your selection!

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Tese trees are being uprooted from their mediterranean area, after being severely pruned.

olivesOn the fields, the trees are planted at about 6m interdistance - and such is about their natural 'span' fully grown (in it's preferred climate). What span he will grow in his new position depends of many factors;
- orientation
- protection from winds
- level of building (and therefore heating) in the area.

eeuwenoude olijfboom

Olive trees from Al-Andaluz

Nowhere in the world do we find such vast population of Olive-trees as in Andalusia – with the densest part between Seville and Murcia.
The ‘PICUAL’ variety what is most planted here – other names for it are ‘Temprano’ what points to it’s early crops, but also ‘Nevado’ what points to the typical winter-scenery : olive groves in the snow (the region is elevated and quite mountainous)


Central in the region, we offer you the largest stock of olive-trees of Andalusia – probably of Spain en maybe of the world.
Along with the olive trees, we offer the entire catalogue of plants grown in South-Spain.

We will search the plants for you - and make you an offer - tailor made.


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We invite you to come and inspect our products on-site; We can look for flights for you, and arrange you possible stay. but what we definitely will do is pick you up at the airport, drive together to site and return you to the airport.

A visit can be flying out early and returning late, but maybe you’d be tempted to make it a wee-end on the beach or plunge into the Andalusia culture?

Let us know!

3 reasons to use our services:

1 - wide offer
2 - best prices
3 - best service

1- In Andalucia we are close to the source - a large variety of palnts is grown in Andalucia. Most of them onloy find their way up North via Valencia or even via Italy.

2- Among the growers in South Spain, we search the desired quality aginst the best conditions.

3- Every order is monitored from the start untill delivery; after selecting the best plants, we mark them and supervise the loading on transport.

Ask for our services, no strings attached - No cure - No pay.

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Wholesales only

CasaMasrará exports plants to Belgium, the Netherlands and France, but Southern England, Germany, Switzerland an Northern Italy are viewed as our expansion-area.

Orders are taken per quantities and expedition FCA.


Our brochure gives you an idea of the plantswe offer – and how we categorize them.

Do you have other quests?

Tell us what you are looking for. We are close to the source, sure we can find what you need – as long as it is there.

No strings attached - No cure - no pay!

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